How To Manage Stress In Fe

How To Manage Stress In Fe
How To Manage Stress In Fe
ISBN: 9780826485519
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How To Manage Stress In Fe

By Hartney

ISBN: 9780826485519

Teaching in FE is a very stressful job. Any job involving people, plenty of targets and time- pressure is going to be stressful. Yet the sheer quantity of practitioners abandoning the profession suggests that there is more negativity and stress in FE than in any other sector of education.In this ground-breaking book, Elizabeth Hartney provides readers with a basic understanding of stress, in the context of FE teaching, and its effects on personal and professional well-being. She suggests a wide range of strategies for managing stressors that affect FE practitioners, from career planning to dealing with difficult people. A must-read for for stressed out practitioners in FE.

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