How To Teach In Fe With A Hangover

How To Teach In Fe With A Hangover
How To Teach In Fe With A Hangover
ISBN: 9780826495662
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How To Teach In Fe With A Hangover

By Steward

ISBN: 9780826495662

This is a ‘teach-yourself’ book which has an argument running through it that as an FE teacher you spend time teaching others - whereas perhaps you need to spend more time teaching yourself! As an FE teacher you can use teaching theories, models and ideas to learn how to deal with personal and professional problems you encounter as a student of ‘life’. No-one is denying it’s tough working in the Learning and Skills Sector – and you may feel sometimes that it drives you to drink! It’s easier to teach others what to do in tough situations than to think about what you can do for yourself. This book encourages FE teachers to use the expertise gained from learning how to teach others to teach themselves how to deal with the headaches and realities of college life and to take the opportunity to think more about themselves and their teaching. It provides familiar ideas about teaching in FE in a new light!

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