Spoofing And Proofing The Classics

Spoofing And Proofing The Classics
Spoofing And Proofing The Classics
ISBN: 9781591585183
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Spoofing And Proofing The Classics

By Nancy Polette

ISBN: 9781591585183

Students will enjoy these fun shaggy dog stories and then be able to apply what they have learned to the editing stage of their own writing process. Grades 3-8. Using shaggy dog stories based on classic literature, the Polettes address common spelling and grammatical errors and the ways in which children can be taught to read critically to recognize them. Stories such as Rapunzel, Alice, The Hare and the Tortoise, and King Arthur, purposely embedded with common errors, have been pretested in teacher workshops given by Nancy Polette and in Dr. Keith Polette's classes at the University of Texas, El Paso. Teachers found them specific enough to be used directly in the writing instruction curriculum and fun for students to read and try to figure out.

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