Digital Cameras in the classroom

Digital Cameras in the classroom
Digital Cameras in the classroom
ISBN: 9781586830953
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Digital Cameras in the classroom

By Mary Ploski Seamon

ISBN: 9781586830953

Mary Ploski Seamon; Eric J. Levitt The time to use digital cameras for classroom instruction has arrived. They're immediate, they're affordable, they're easy to use, and they're a great way to engage students with subject matter. Here's everything you need to know about selecting the right camera, how digital imagery works, storing and downloading pictures, and incorporating images into PowerPoints, websites, and other projects. • Bring your curriculum to life with digital pictures • Demystifies the process, defines the classroom use, and delivers the goods on digital imagery • A chapter on classroom activities shows exactly how to use digital cameras as an idea generator and effective teaching tool.

Binding: PB


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