Hello Hi-Lo Readers Theatre Math/Sanders

Hello Hi-Lo Readers Theatre Math/Sanders
Hello Hi-Lo Readers Theatre Math/Sanders
ISBN: 9781598843743
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Hello Hi-Lo Readers Theatre Math/Sanders

By Nancy I. Sanders

ISBN: 9781598843743

Readers Theatre Math offers a proven way for teachers to build reading fluency in their classrooms, even if students do not all read at the same level. The book offers 15 readers theatre plays, each of which includes various levels of readability within one script. The plays thus provide lower-level readers the opportunity to follow along with accelerated reading parts, building confidence by reading aloud at their own levels. Each play includes speakers for three different grade levels of readability: 4th grade and lower, 5th-6th grade, and 7th-8th grade. Concepts are presented so that they are fluid among these grade levels. Taking a cross-curricular approach, the scripts reinforce key math concepts and standards-based math skills taught in the middle grades, such as order of operations, fractions, inequalities, positive and negative numbers, and graphing on a coordinate plane. Each play includes extended activities that will help the teacher incorporate the math concept into the classroom.

Binding: PB


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