How Not To Teach

How Not To Teach
How Not To Teach
ISBN: 9780826489814
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How Not To Teach

By Read

ISBN: 9780826489814

This is a sophisticated monograph focussing on attainment at the end of secondary/high school ucation (and the interface with tertiary education). It combines re-analysis of secondary literature (including official statistics, institutional histories, interview data) and analysis of qualitative and quantitative primary research using descriptive and inferential statistics, value-added analysis and grounded theory. The results show the significance and weakness of both the mid-twentieth century classic analyses of social class and the late- twentieth century feminist approaches. It shows how a joint consideration of social issues, in particular of gender and social stratification, produce a powerful model for explaining attainment with important implications for policy on boys’ underachievement and participation in higher education.

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