Including Children With Special Needs

Including Children With Special Needs
Including Children With Special Needs
ISBN: 9780313333774
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Including Children With Special Needs

By Diane Schwartz

ISBN: 9780313333774

In 1997 the Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA) was passed ensuring that children with special needs have a right to education in the least restrictive environment. With its Tips for Parents and Tips for Educators, as well as informative, accessible chapters, this book explains what every parent and teacher should know about inclusion. Designed to meet the needs of parents and general educators, this work is based on the many questions heard from teachers, families, and school administrators who are working with special needs children in regular classrooms. A general section reviews the situation overall, including an explanation of the Individualized Education Plan (IEP), which serves as the blueprint for educating the special needs student. A second section is specifically for teachers, which includes information on instruction for linguistically and culturally diverse students. In addition, there are specific Tips for Teachers that provide practical advice. A third section is for parents and includes ways for families to advocate for their child. Tips for Parents provides practical information for working with children, teachers, and schools. This handbook gives a school or family the basics and more for successfully integrating a special needs child into all facets of school life.

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