Jane Kurtz And You /Kurtz

Jane Kurtz And You  /Kurtz
Jane Kurtz And You  /Kurtz
ISBN: 9781591582953
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Jane Kurtz And You  /Kurtz

By Kurtz

ISBN: 9781591582953

Award-winning author Jane Kurtz spent most of her childhood in East Africa. In Jane Kurtz and YOU, she writes about animal spotting on the savanna, all-day treks on a treacherous road, and periodic visits to the United States where her fellow students asked, Did you see Tarzan? Each chapter contains a section that focuses on writing traits and the writing process, unlocking the mysteries of how authors come up with interesting ideas, hunt for vivid details, use words with sparkle and pizzazz, craft sentences and paragraphs that have pleasing rhythms, organize in clear and compelling ways, find their writing personality, and revise for big and little changes. Grades K-6.

Binding: PB


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