Literary Treks Characters On The Move /Snodgrass

Literary Treks Characters On The Move  /Snodgrass
Literary Treks Characters On The Move  /Snodgrass
ISBN: 9781563089534
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Literary Treks Characters On The Move  /Snodgrass

By Snodgrass

ISBN: 9781563089534

Offering a wealth of maps and geographic routes for 28 books, this guide illustrates how to teach with literary maps, taking students on a journey through real and imaginary terrains. Entries span a range of genres and literary formats (including novels, dramas, and diaries); each follows a book's protagonist through space and time, covering places visited as well as historical figures, customs, cultures, and events. Geographic summaries, itemized itineraries, and detailed maps help students trace each character's journey and comprehend the geographic scale of action. As a prelude to reading, the maps can help disadvantaged readers better understand the stories and settings of a book, which will significantly enhance any student's reading experience. Instruction on marking maps with notes and arrows will help students prepare for college-level classes as they organize their work, simplify confusing elements, outline chronology, and incorporate additional reading and research.

Binding: PB


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