Middle Management In FE

Middle Management In FE
Middle Management In FE
ISBN: 9780826487308
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Middle Management In FE

By Briggs

ISBN: 9780826487308

“This book is both for and about middle managers in Further Education - those who manage curriculum provision, services to students and college services in any post-compulsory college ... Based on first-hand experience, this book offers a number of ways at looking at the middle manager role in order to make sense of it. Each chapter looks at the role in a different way, and offers tools - diagrams, checklists, questions - to enable readers to apply the insight to their own situation. So, step by step, the book enables you to think through aspects of management as they relate to roles in your college.”Ann BriggsThis is an indispensable guide for middle managers in FE. Ann Briggs provides readers with workable strategies for dealing with the key issues associated with this role, such as managing people, liaising with other staff and being an effective leader.

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