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At A Glance
At A Glance
ISBN: 9780826491510
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At A Glance: A Practical Guide To Children’s Special Needs, 2ed

By East

Everyone working with children should be aware of different special needs and how they can impact on learning. There is no shortage of information out there - but there is a shortage of time in which to research and read up on what teachers need to know! This concise guide provides a wealth of information and advice in an easy-to-read, quick-to-dip-into format. It describes all the commonly occurring syndromes and medical conditions and how they manifest themselves in the mainstream classroom situation. Most important of all, it offers practical guidance to teachers and assistants on how to recognize children’s difficulties and overcome barriers to achievement. Sample IEPs are provided where appropriate, to guide good practice in setting achievable targets and regularly reviewing progress.This second edition now includes coverage of new needs and medical conditions, including behavioural, social and emotional difficulties, dysgraphia, Fredereich’s Ataxia and Williams Syndrome.  It also includes a new section on the latest legislation and national strategy for SEN. At a Glance is an essential resource for all teachers and teaching assistants and is invaluable to SENCOs responsible for disseminating information to colleagues.

ISBN: 9780826491510

Binding: PB

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